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Camilla Grebe (1968) was born in Älvsjö, Stockholm and now lives in Cascais, Portugal. She is a graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics and was a co-founder of audiobook publisher Storyside. Alongside her partnership with Paul, Camilla has written four popular crime novels together with her sister Åsa Träff, as well as five bestselling psychological thrillers.

Paul Leander-Engström (1966) was born and lives in Stockholm. He holds a business degree from the Stockholm School of Economics, a law degree from Stockholm University, and has studied Russian at the Armed Forces Interpreter Academy. Paul has worked for the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs  and has had an illustrious career in finance in Russia. Today, he runs The World We Want, a foundation that supports social entrepreneurs and development initiatives around the world.

In their three action thrillers The Conductor from Saint Petersburg, The Merchant from Omsk and The Spy with No Country, Camilla’s experience as a crime writer is combined with Paul’s intimate knowledge of Russia.

Photo of Camilla Grebe and Paul Leander-Engström by Åsa Liffner


“The novel’s strength is the credible description of the setting and the sense that the authors really have been part of its private sphere. Through an enthralling thriller intrigue, the authors are able to analyze a society of unrestrained capitalism, drunk with vodka and steroids. Moscow Noir is for readers of Swedish crime fiction who want to look further than Fjällbacka.”
Arbetarbladet (SE)

“An excellent thriller that portrays how the filthy rich become even richer, through the most filthy of means.”
Borås Tidning (SE)

“A great opening to a coming trilogy and I look forward to the next book. It is interesting to read a story set in Russia, a society so very different from our own.”
Litteraturmagazinet (SE)

“It’s well-written, it’s exciting, it’s politically refined.”
Gomorron Sverige, SVT (SE)

“The Conductor from Saint Petersburg grabs you firmly and does not let go. […] The writing style quietly builds an underlying tension, similar to that of other Scandinavian thriller writers such as Stieg Larsson. Leander-Engström and Grebe are a good team.”
Hebban (NL)

“An enthralling thriller where conflicts are many and paranoia lies in wait behind every corner. The depiction of Moscow is informed and the portrayal of the complications of international arms trade credible. The novel is set in 2008 but the situation in Russia today is constantly present in the back of your mind while reading.”
Smålandsposten (SE)

“Camilla Grebe and Paul Leander-Engström are able to bring the reader into a fascinating and typically closed-off world, portraying what living and working in the land of Putin is like in an excellent way.”
Arbetarbladet (SE)

“Espionage, poisoning, and high-level politics in a story that comes frighteningly close to the current international reality.”
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“The authors succeed splendidly in frightening their readers.”
Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet (SE)

“An exceptionally thrilling story.”
Femina (SE)

“This is a really good spy thriller, and you don’t have to be a fan of the genre to get hooked from page one.  […] The protagonists truly feel alive, and the plot is eerily close to the troubled real world of today.”
Expressen (SE)

“In short and punchy chapters the author duo ratchet up the suspense in this nail biting thriller, which offers a few particularly well constructed and thought provoking plot points.”
Östgöta Correspondenten (SE)

“Fast-paced and thrilling – you just want to keep reading!”
Mysterierna, Blog (SE)



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