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Camilla Grebe (1968) is a bestselling, award-winning suspense writer whose books have captivated readers all over the world.

Carl-David Pärson (1993) has a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University in New York and has previously worked with film and television production.

The Borrower is their first time writing together.

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“The suspense is drawn out, keeping reader on their toes. Right up to the end, with less than 100 pages to go, all the questions are kept alive before the puzzle starts to come together and things become clear. It’s a genius way to entice readers to binge-read.”
-4/5 Stars, BTJ (SE)

“The two parallel narratives move neatly towards each other, intertwine in surprising ways and develop into a seriously creepy story that takes readers well beyond what we call reality and realism. Possibly, anyway. […] Of course, one recognizes Grebe’s fine stylistic ability to capture characters, environments and moods in The Borrower, but the new collaboration has led her down completely new paths as well. […] Camilla Grebe and Carl-David Pärson have found an elegantly mutual tone in The Borrower where they lead us readers into a story that surprises, that twists and turns all perspectives and also frankly scares the hell out of us. While reading, I completely stop thinking about what genre this really is and just enjoy the fact that these supernatural elements make me feel grief, loss, love and loneliness for real. […] I would love to have more in this style from the duo Grebe & Pärson.”
-Gunilla Wedding, Sydsvenskan (SE)

“One of our best Swedish suspense authors has written [The Borrower] with her adult son – a successful collaboration. The plot is classic: a family moves into a house where mysterious things happen. There is a realistic everyday life here, but with hints of something unexplained, calling to mind John Ajvide Lindqvist.”
Allas (SE)

“There are plenty of creative and surprising turns in this intelligent plot: three major twists and a number of minor ones. /…/ The authors succeed in skillfully deceiving me and I applaud them. Well-written to say the least…. An entertaining and thrilling summer read that can safely be recommended to almost everyone.”
Kapprakt (SE)


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2023 – Shortlisted for Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year Award for The Borrower

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