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Ninni Schulman is one of Sweden’s most distinguished suspense writers. Born in Värmland in 1972, she started her career as a journalist at a local newspaper in Hagfors, later on continuing at some of Sweden’s largest magazines and newspapers.

Ninni has written ten books to date, seven of which belong to her critically acclaimed suspense series, The Hagfors Series. The first book, which marked Ninni’s literary debut, introduces the heroine Magdalena Hansson who is – just as Ninni herself once was – a journalist in Hagfors. The book, which was published in 2010, was awarded Värmland’s Debut Award.

Since her debut, Ninni has written six more books in The Hagfors Series, the stand-alone psychological thriller Obsession (2018), and the memoir Girl-Child 291 (2020) which is a deeply personal rendition of a childhood characterized by long hospital stays and solitude.

Not only do Ninni’s novels capture readers through suspenseful storytelling, but also through tender portrayals of rural Sweden and raw renditions of societal issues. This multifaceted writing brings her characters to life: presented as faulty and problematic yet crafted with empathy, Ninni masterfully depicts the complex realities of what it is like to be human.

With her depictions of unvarnished realities, thrilling stories and skillful manifestations of societal issues, it is no surprise that Ninni Schulman in 2020 reached the incredible feat of having sold over one million copies in Sweden alone.

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“Ninni Schulman’s storytelling is so believable that one easily takes it for truth, until the book comes to an end and becomes yet another reading adventure to remember. For a long time.”
Ölandsbladet (SE)

“Things that seem idyllic on the surface are hiding terrible things beneath – she is very skilled at this.”
Magnus Utvik, Gomorron Sverige, SVT (SE)

“Ragingly, uncannily good. /…/ Ninni Schulman’s stand-alone novel starts out like a happy fairytale, but soon something goes awry. The suspense slowly builds, and I greedily devour page after page to find out what’s going on. Who is deranged and whose experience is real?”

“Well-written, elegantly composed, and suspenseful. With the just-published Obsession, Schulman does. ‘A very skillfully executed page-turner, both contemplative and eerily chilling’. Utterly new.”

“As is often the case in Ninni Schulman’s books, everything from plot to setting to characters is so deeply anchored in a credible every day atmosphere that one, as a reader, always feels as if one is at the very center of the action. And in Welcome Home, that center is both suspenseful and creepy.”
Östgöta Correspondenten (SE)


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2023 – Shortlisted for Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year Award for The Way We Played
2023 – Shorlisted for the Adlibris Award for Crime Novel of the Year for The Way We Played

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