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In February of 2005, as a high teenage girl stumbles through a park in a fancy Stockholm neighborhood, she becomes witness to a brutal murder.

Five years later, psychologist Siri Bergman is back on her feet after her husband’s suicide. She has finally found stability in life, anchored by a healthy relationship with her boyfriend Markus and her new role as a mother to their child.

When going through the contents of a box of items belonging to her late husband Stefan, Siri discovers a connection to the murder that happened in the park five years earlier. Apparently, the victim was an old friend of her husband’s whom Stefan met with regularly up until the night of the murder. Only months after the friend’s death, Stefan killed himself. Siri begins to question how well she really knew Stefan. Did he have something to do with the murder in the park? And did he really commit suicide?

As she gets drawn into the case, Siri neglects her family, her job, and her friends. She is on the hunt for a killer, but before long she turns into the one being hunted.

In this breathlessly suspenseful crime novel, horrible secrets in the past echo far into the future. What happens when it turns out those who are closest to you have actually betrayed you?

Before You Died is the third book in the popular series about psychologist Siri Bergman. It was nominated for the Swedish Crime Writer’s Academy’s Award for Best Swedish Crime Novel in 2012.

Extra Materials

Innan du dog DK Denmark, Lindhardt & Ringhof
Innan du dog GER Germany, btb
Innan du dog NL Netherlands, Prometheus
Innan du dog NO Norway, Gyldendal
Innan du dog cover Sweden, Wahlström & Widstrand


“I can’t put it down, the book is so thrilling. […] Sisters Grebe and Träff are a very successful author duo.”
Litteraturmagazinet (SE)

“This is their third book and the best one yet. […] The pace heats up gradually and there are skillful shifts between past and present.”
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“The third book about psychologist Siri Bergman doesn’t disappoint. […] Grebe and Träff move skillfully between the present and 1988. This technique creates suspense far more titillating than simple, downright action.”
Dast Magazine (SE)

“It’s very good. Before You Died is one of the best Swedish crime novels that I’ve read this year, the many character portrayals show depth, nuance and sharp edges..”
Sydsvenskan (SE)

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