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The summer of 2022 is an unusually violent time during an unusually violent decade in Swedish history. Children murder children in the streets of Malmö, and among the community activists working with youths no one is left untouched. Diary From the 2020’s is Nicolas Lunabba’s deeply personal reflections from those summer months. But it is also a blistering catalogue of gang violence – and our contemporary societal moment.

News of violence is plastered over newspaper headlines every day. But what is it like to live with that violence close by? To be subjected to it? To subject others to it? Is the language we have at our disposal sufficient to voice the experience of a violent life – or does violence itself spring from a state of voicelessness?

With Diary From the 2020’s Nicolas Lunabba further cements his position as an intellectual and literary force, whose searing pen is as unmerciful toward himself as it is toward the structural failures of our society.

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