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Emily has planned her lavish castle-wedding meticulously and now it is just days away. There are only three details that can’t be controlled: the weather, her mother Annika and her older brother Erik. The weather turns out fantastic, but during the extravagant wedding party, tensions increase among the guests. And when a horrifying discovery is made in the dark castle garden, everything rapidly begins to unravel…

Happily Ever After revolves around two families in a suburban neighborhood whose idyllic middle-class existence, centered around the sons’ football practice and family gatherings, is torn apart by a car-accident involving their teenage boys. The tight-knit friend group disintegrates as loyalties shift, lies are uncovered, and a sinister secret spreads its poison.

Eight years later, the group is reunited at the wedding where it becomes clear that all the time spent trying to forget was in vain and wounds from the past reveal themselves as fresh as ever.

In her distinguished true-to-life narrative style, Malin Stehn weaves a plot that, over two parallel timelines, and four different narrators, reveals how rash decisions in the past continue to yield dire consequences in the present – and how the life we once took for granted can change in the blink of an eye.


Malin Stehn creates suspense so beautifully – Happily Ever After is a delicious pageturner to devour in one sitting […] Malin Stehn gets the form, pace and people so right; it will be very exciting to see where she takes us in the next book.
Skånska Dagbladet (SE)

Happily Ever After is Malin Stehn’s excellent sequel to Happy New Year with the same low-intensity creepy feeling that something is very, very wrong. Very difficult to put down.
Barometern (SE)

“Author Malin Stehn has once again written a suspense novel of the highest class – Happily Ever After is just as good as the former A Happy New Year. […] this is a book everyone who likes suspense and relationships should read. I’m already looking forward to Malin Stehn’s next book.”
Smålandsposten (SE)



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