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Någon sorts frid omslag

Siri Bergman is a thirty-four year old psychologist who lives by herself in a secluded seaside cottage outside of Stockholm. She is alone after having lost her husband to a diving accident one year earlier. At her practice in central Stockholm clients come and go, sharing their deepest fears and buried secrets. Siri herself is afraid of the dark and tries to cope by drinking too much wine and leaving the lights on at night. While her job as a psychologist is to help others heal, she finds herself broken by sorrow, loneliness, and fear.

After one of Siri’s patients is found dead in the water near her house, Siri’s world begins to collapse. She blames herself for the girl’s suicide and questions her ability to do her job. She should have seen this coming. But did her patient really take her own life?

A creeping sensation of being watched descends upon Siri. Is there someone out there beyond the dark windowpanes, following her every move? And what does Siri’s patient’s death actually have to do with her?

Some Kind of Peace is the debut novel from sisters Camilla Grebe and Åsa Träff. Grebe and Träff are masters at building suspense and planting clues, only to throw the reader off scent with the next twist in the plot. Anyone could be guilty in this engaging thriller that introduces readers to the troubled yet charismatic heroine Siri Bergman.


“This powerful first in a new thriller series from Swedish sisters Grebe and Träff introduces a delightfully flawed heroine.”
Publishers Weekly (US)

“Grebe–Träff succeed in making the book balance on a constant, precipitous edge – on the one hand Siri is unstable, perhaps the threat is just a figment of her imagination; on the other hand, maybe some madman really is out to get her. The fact that you come to suspect nearly everyone involved in this novel says a lot about Grebe–Träff’s ability to create characters.”
Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“Crystal clear intrigue, interesting characters that awaken your curiosity, and unceasingly suspenseful. What more can be asked of a psychological thriller? Some Kind of Peace is a debut novel entirely out of the ordinary.”

“A complex and frightening story that grabs hold of the reader and won’t let go until the very last page.”
Östgöta-Corren (SE)

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