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Bokcirkeln vid världens ände SWE cover

Patricia grips the golden necklace and tries to shake the nauseous feeling off. It has come with an anonymous letter, and the postage suggests that it traveled all the way from Sweden to the US. But Patricia already knows that; she instantly recognized the necklace – it belonged to her missing sister Madeleine.

Madeleine left her childhood home, a farm in the middle of nowhere, to intern at a church in a village in Southern Sweden. It was her chance to see the world, but she only got to experience the idyllic landscape for a few months before she packed her bags and disappeared. It was thirty years ago, and Patricia hasn’t received any sign of life from Madeleine since. Until now.

The arrival of the necklace prompts Patricia to investigate her sister’s disappearance one last time. Patricia travels to the village, Ljusskär, and checks in at the only hotel in town – Mona’s Bed, Breakfast & Books. It turns out that the owner and a group of women have recently restarted a book club, in which they discuss any and all thoughts regarding literature and life. Patricia shares her mission with Mona and the others, and together they begin unraveling the truth.

Their inquiries about Madeleine’s disappearance are met with resistance from the villagers who knew her, and Patricia quickly realizes that they are hiding something. What really happened to Madeleine when she vanished like smoke in the night?

The Book Club at the End of the World is an enchanting novel with a delightful narrative, delving into the transformative power of friendship amidst the backdrop of the picturesque Swedish countryside. Through Frida Skybäck’s skillful storytelling, the novel seamlessly intertwines past and present, offering poignant portrayals of love and loss that resonate deeply.

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“The best feelgood novel of the year. The Book Club at the End of the World is a book which downright sparkles with reading and storytelling joy.”

“The tempo, suspense and curiosity drive the reader forward. The characters are sketched with warmth, and there is also a dose of humor in the picturesque environment.”

“Frida Skybäck captures the very essence of the uniting power of reading in a way that completely warms my heart.”
Johanna Wistedt, Modernista (SE)

“Skybäck is a Swedish mix of Lucy Dillon and Nora Roberts.”
Denise Rudberg, Author of Dancing Queen

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