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Bokhandeln på Riverside Drive SWE cover

Recently widowed, Charlotte runs off to the Swedish countryside to bury herself in work, to shield herself from her grief. Only a year has passed since her beloved husband died in a tragic accident, but Charlotte keeps locking her emotions in and thus manages to convince herself that her life is quite acceptable considering the circumstances. However, one day her haven is disrupted when a phone call reveals that she has inherited an old bookshop from her long-lost aunt.

Charlotte has no interest in visiting London, nor in owning a bookshop. With the hope of making a quick sale and rid herself of the unknown business, she hastily leaves for the city. But as soon as she sees Riverside Bookshop, with its crooked floorboards and magical aura, and meets the unruly staff, something takes root within her. Charlotte begins to question her decision.

The loneliness Charlotte has felt in the past year is slowly but surely being replaced by a feeling of belonging. She grows fond of the others working at the bookshop – Sam, a sexually liberated woman who hides her true feelings behind her humor; Martinique, who fills the bookshop with love and infatuating scents of her cooking; and William, whom Charlotte can’t quite wrap her head around. The group is hardworking and prone to laughter, and the more time Charlotte spends with them, the more she feels the cold within her slowly thawing out.

As time passes, Charlotte feels more and more connected to the bookshop, and decides to bring it back from the edge of bankruptcy. However, when she one day stumbles upon a letter that her aunt wrote before she passed away, her world turns upside down. The letter is addressed to Charlotte’s mother, and it seems as if the two sisters were close when they were young. How come Charlotte never heard from her aunt, and why did her mother never speak of her? A secret hides between the rows of the old letter and threatens to disrupt Charlottes newfound spark. Can Charlotte truly find peace again, or will darkness cloud her life once more?

In The Bookshop on Riverside Drive, Frida Skybäck depicts the crooked path out of grief and the transformative power of friendship and sisterhood. Set against the backdrop of London’s picturesque Victorian streets adorned with cascading spring blooms and charming window shutters, this heartwarming tale is a testament to the importance of belonging and the promise of a brighter future tomorrow.

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c1-petitelibrairie-1304x1963 Canada, Saint Jean Editeur
Knihkupectví na Riverside Drive-5360 Czech Republic, Dobrovsky
Skärmavbild 2024-04-17 kl. 11.53.57 Denmark, Gyldendal / Cicero
Skärmavbild 2024-04-17 kl. 11.55.12 Finland, WSOY
die-kleine-buchhandlung-am-ufer-der-themse_9783458364405_cover Germany, Suhrkamp / Insel
9782368128930_LaPetiteLibrairieRiversideDrive.indd France, Éditions Leduc / Charleston
cop_piatto_La-piccola-libreria Italy, Giunti
Skärmavbild 2024-04-17 kl. 13.06.10 Latvia, Latvijas Mediji
Skärmavbild 2024-04-17 kl. 13.17.14 Lithuania, Lectio Divina
original Norway, Gyldendal


“Enchantingly good, and with a unique twist. About sisterhood, betrayal and finding a place to heal.”
Tara (SE)

“A charming and well written novel about difficult decisions, relationships, friends and a longing to seek one’s roots. If you like Nora Roberts’s novels about energetic and determined women and movies such as You’ve Got Mail and Notting Hill, then this is the book for you.”
Agneta Norrgård, SVT Go’kväll (SE)

The Bookshop on Riverside Drive is a charming story about both love and sorrow, sprinkled with entertaining references to the world of literature. Clearly Frida Skybäck’s best book so far! […] For everyone who loves to read, it is like following along into a hidden chamber of treasures.”
Amelia (SE)

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