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In peat bogs across Northern Europe, people of the Iron Age buried their sacrifices to the Gods. Even human sacrifices. The unique ecology of the wetlands slows the decomposition process, ensuring that bodies become preserved as eerie time capsules. Folklore has it that souls buried in a mire never come to rest, but rather haunt the living and hunger after new victims. But this is only superstition, ghost stories of ancient lore. Or is it?

A young scientist named Nathalie comes to a mire in rural Sweden to conduct field experiments for her doctoral thesis in biology. But soon it becomes clear that her reasons for being there are deeply personal. Nathalie grew up in the area and left when a horrible tragedy befell her family. She is afraid of the mire but also drawn to it by some invisible force, and what she knows of the secrets it harbors goes far beyond science. One night, when an autumn storm blows in, Nathalie’s misgivings drive her out to the mire where she finds a man unconscious, his pockets filled with coins. Nearby, she discovers a makeshift grave.

Internationally recognized photo artist Maya Linde moonlights as a police photographer and is sent to photograph the scene where the young man was found. Back in her studio, she notices a figure in the background of the photos, someone who appears to be trying to hide from her lens. Who was watching her out on the mire? Maya isn’t the type to get scared off by threats. Instead, under the guise of a new art project, she begins a rogue investigation that brings her close to the haunted history of the bog and the oddballs who populate the area.

When Maya discovers a body buried in the mire dating back to much more recent times, a hunt begins for what turns out to be a sly serial killer who has buried victims underfoot for over a decade. The small community around the mire closes in on itself and its secrets while the police race to solve a series of crimes far beyond their small-town experience.

As Maya becomes more and more entrenched in the strange things happening out in the bog, Nathalie gathers courage to confront the buried horrors of her past. Both women are propelled through memory and the watery depth of the mire toward shocking discoveries. Past and present, lore and reality converge in this atmospheric mystery about to what dark ends grief can drive people.

Set in a world reminiscent of cult television series True Detective, and told with a narrative style reminiscent of both Tana French’s In the Woods and Johan Theorin’s Öland Quartet, debut author Susanne Jansson weaves a tale that is as much about the stories we tell ourselves to survive, as it is about what may drive ordinary people to kill.

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The Forbidden Place UK cover UK, Hodder/Mulholland
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“The atmosphere is what makes me fall, head over heels: a lonely woman who rents out her city apartment and heads out into the wilderness. […] Susanne Jansson skillfully builds mounting uncertainty. Is there something supernatural out there, in the mire? Or is there a person using the lore for their own purposes? Does Nathalie have more reasons for coming to the mire than she lets on? […] In the Mire is one of the best and most complete debut novels I’ve ever read.”
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

The Forbidden Place by Susanne Jansson has captivated and fascinated me. I have devoured this debut novel packed with psychological suspense and forces of nature in one sitting. […] The milieu that Susanne Jansson portrays is astounding and the language with which she does so couldn’t be more beautiful. […] Simply magnificent!”
SR 3 Saarlandwelle (DE)

“The best book out there right now. […] Debut writer Susanne Jansson is an easter gift to all nature-loving suspense fans. […] What is buried in the mire does not decompose. It does not come to rest. But how do you satisfy the hunger of the dead? We wonder, feverishly turning the pages, and along the way we become experts in wetlands. And when In the Mire has dug deep enough through the mysteries, we finally get our answers.”
M Magasin (SE)

“Can a suspense novel about a misty bog be thrilling? Hardly, you might think. But then you’d be wrong. Because with her debut novel Susanne Jansson writes herself into the tradition of distinguished Swedish crime writers, who we hope to hear more from.”
Nordjyske Stiftstidene (DK)

“In the Mire navigates both the horror and suspense genres, and does not veer away from supernatural elements. As a contrast, it also offers interesting glimpses into Nathalie’s scientific work and police photographer Maya’s pondering about photo art. All in all this is a well-written and refreshing debut.”
Skånska Dagbladet (SE)

“The mysterious and mighty natural world plays a big part in Susanne Jansson’s debut suspense novel. […] The book’s strength is the suggestive atmosphere and the depictions of the forces of nature.”
Göteborgs-Posten (SE)

“Susanne Jansson’s debut novel is thrilling, at times both creepy and frightening. […] This book had shivers sent down my spine.”
Nya Wermlands Tidning (SE)

“A novel that bids for more. […] an enchanting tale of mires, legends, present, and past. […] Susanne Jansson succeeds astoundingly well in her debut. Her portrayals of the inhabitants of this backwater are warm and vivid. The milieu is the most important component when a mire is at the center. The author writes it so that you can feel the damp air vibrating.”
Dast Magazine (SE)

“Jansson paints an atmospheric and mysterious portrait of the mire with the help of mist, light, and old legends. It becomes a place where life and death collide, a sort of anteroom to the realm of the dead. […] Since The Forbidden Place is one of the absolute best suspense debuts this year, I’ll gladly return to the enthralling milieus of Dalsland and to the joie-vivant Maya and her way of seeing things through images again.”
Crimegarden (SE)

The Forbidden Place is Susanne Jansson’s debut novel and she offers a well-balanced combination of horror, suspense, folklore, and biology. […] Susanne Jansson skillfully incorporates this into her story to create a suggestive and cringing atmosphere. […] The Forbidden Place is a very interesting and distinctive suspense debut, and it leaves you begging for more.”
Johannas Deckarhörna, Blog (SE)

“A very well-written book with a thrilling plot. It’s a great book for anyone looking for a crime novel to fall in love with.”
Lieliska Lasamviela, Blog (LV)

“A very interesting read! The characters and their different lives and fates were captivating. The resolution was unexpected and steeped in mystery.”
Domu Graudi, Blog (LV)

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