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During a meeting with a previously secret source, Axel Sköld unearths a staggering revelation pointing to Sweden’s involvement in a covert nuclear operation going under the nameOperation: Mjolnir. However, just before Axel can confirm the information, his investigationgrinds to an abrupt halt when his source falls victim of a fatal bomb attack.

As the secret society of The Eighteen tightens its grip on Sweden and establishes risky alliances that imperil the nation, a new plan takes shape. They are certain of their success, but does Axel Sköld and his colleagues’ relentless pursuit of the truth pose a threat to the entire operation?

After a tumultuous custody battle, Stina Forss finds herself on high alert. When it seems as if her son David becomes a pawn for The Eighteen once again, she, together with Vilhelm Skark, seek refuge in Italy. There, they stumble upon information which shed new light on Swedish history.

Simultaneously, Axel Sköld struggles with burgeoning emotions for his childhood sweetheart, Prime Minister Lova Magnussson. But can he be certain that their motives align or is she hiding another agenda? At the same time, Axel intensifies his quest for the truth in Sweden, trekking dangerous waters.

Will Axel Sköld, aided by his friends Stina Forss and Vilhelm Skrak uncover the plans of the secret society before it’s too late? And is operation Mjolnir truly a relic of the past, or does it cast a shadow over the present?

In The Last Act, Anton Berg masterfully entwines the threads of politics and history into a tapestry of suspense and blurs the lines between reality and fiction, leading Axel Sköld to the ultimate challenge of distinguishing the one from the other. In this enthralling conclusion of The Eighteen trilogy, readers are propelled through a gripping finale, where Berg showcases his mastery in crafting a thrilling tale where the truth is put to the test.

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