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In the wake of a meticulously orchestrated, high-profile raid on the National Museum, journalist Axel Sköld finds himself unexpectedly in possession of a stolen Rembrandt painting, worth millions. Axel decides to team up with the history professor and a close friend of his, Vilhelm Skark. Together they embark on a quest to unravel the mysterious clues concealed within the masterpiece, hoping it will lead Axel closer to unveiling the truth of The Eighteen..

Meanwhile, a police investigation unfolds in the aftermath of a bombing in central Stockholm. Is this an act of terrorism, or have premature conclusions been drawn and a hidden agenda lurking beneath the surface?

As society grapples with uncertainty, the spotlight turns to the newly appointed and unyielding prime minister, Lova Magnusson. It soon becomes evident that she harbors more knowledge about what happens in the shadows than she has previously let on. Yet, as she takes center stage, the pressing question arises: whose interests does she truly serve? And what lays behind the custody dispute that Stina Forss, Axel’s colleague and friend, is suddenly drawn into?

The Oath of Allegiance is the second gripping installment of the trilogy peeling back the layers of The Eighteen’s mysterious realm. In this suspenseful thriller, Axel Sköld yet again finds himself confronting the covert order that is fiercely committed to preserving its supremacy, plunging readers into a captivating narrative where secrets, power, and allegiance collide.

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