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Omslag spionen

Swedish businessman Tom Blixen has returned to Stockholm with his family after living over a decade in Russia. Together with his boss and mentor Knut Svedberg at the Swedish energy company Swekraft, Tom is leading a project to lobby the Swedish and Russian governments to allow an offshore natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany be drawn via Sweden. Tom and Knut both know there is explosive inherent political force in the project and when Tom gets a phone call from the Russian vice Minister of Energy to discuss the issue, things finally seem to be working in their favor. But the situation take a terrible turn shortly after the meeting, when Knut falls ill in what turns out to be lethal polonium poisoning.

Meanwhile, a number of KGB sleeper agents in Sweden unexpectedly become activated, among them the reluctant investment banker Lennart and the devoted family man Heinz. Two decades have passed since the spies were last called upon to serve Mother Russia and they, who are deeply assimilated into Swedish society, have spent years believing their dangerous assignments were over. Torn between the loyalty they feel for their new homeland and the risk it would entail to refuse to follow orders from the dreaded Tsentr, fear wins out. And when one of the agents happens to be a physicist at a nuclear power plant, the potential devastation is catastrophic.

Together with seasoned special police investigator Sonny Hellkvist, Tom Blixen is forced to take up the chance for a ruthless, nameless perpetrator who is tormenting not only individual lives but Sweden as we know it.


“Espionage, poisoning, and high-level politics in a story that comes frighteningly close to the current international reality.”
Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter (SE)

“The authors succeed splendidly in frightening their readers.”
Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet (SE)

“An exceptionally thrilling story.”
Femina (SE)

“This is a really good spy thriller, and you don’t have to be a fan of the genre to get hooked from page one.  […] The protagonists truly feel alive, and the plot is eerily close to the troubled real world of today.”
Expressen (SE)

“In short and punchy chapters the author duo ratchet up the suspense in this nail biting thriller, which offers a few particularly well constructed and thought provoking plot points.”
Östgöta Correspondenten (SE)

“Fast-paced and thrilling – you just want to keep reading!”
Mysterierna, Blog (SE)

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