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In the three stories that comprise Ingvild H. Rishøi’s award-winning short story collection Winter Stories, we witness a young mother in financial trouble trying to steal a pair of underwear in front of the watchful eyes of her young daughter, a man fresh out of prison as he struggles to reintegrate into a daunting society and become a better father to his son, and three siblings on the run through a snow-covered Norway seeking refuge in a remote cabin untouched by time, in a desperate bid to keep them from being torn apart.

Ingvild H. Rishøi paints a vivid and evocative portrait of the lives of those living on the fringes of society in this heart-wrenching collection. Through three powerful and emotionally charged narratives, the author delves into the complexities of family, poverty, and forgiveness, exploring the human desire for a better life, the longing for change, and the difficult choices we must sometimes make to protect those we love. The masterful collection is a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of hope in the face of adversity.

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“A unanimous corp of critics has said it before. And I repeat. Ingvild Rishøi is a brilliant short story writer.”
Dagbladet (NO)

“Ingvild H. Rishøi writes first class short stories.”
Klassekampen (NO)

“Three short stories that each give off enough heat to last throughout the whole winter. Read.”
Dagsavisen (NO)

“With this impressive collection, Rishøi continues to excel. Her sensitivity to human powerlessness and despair is impressive.”
Vårt Land (NO)

“I think we have only seen the beginning of a great authorship. [Rishøi’s] short stories are studies in troubled minds, in boundless loyalty and in trembling hearts.”
Tara (NO)

”After reading it, you just don’t want to recommend Winter Stories, you want to pay tribute to it.”
Telemarksavisa (NO)

“We are only in January, but mark my words, when 2014 is summed up, Winter Stories will be at the top of the best Norwegian fiction publications.”
Adresseavisen (NO)

“Immensely gifted: Read, just read! /…/ Dear god, let this gem of a short story collection get all the attention it deserves, don’t let it drown in noise of the book flood.”
Svenska Dagbladet (SE)

“Heavy realism interspersed with heightened grace. One of the best books of the decade.”
Vi Läser (SE)

“This is an author who is brilliant at including the child’s perspective and telling us how she feels, and it is true that in some parental and child roles it is not always the adult who comforts the child, sometimes it is the other way around. So this is indeed heartbreaking at times.”
Go’kväll (SE)

“Ingvild H. Rishøi continues to impress.”
Jyllands-Posten (DK)

“It is almost shameful that I have not previously become acquainted with the short stories of the Norwegian author Ingvild H. Rishøi. Because she is truly an exceptional writer.”
Kristeligt Dagblad (DK)

“Heartfelt, not too sentimental stories which bathe in the comfort of Christmas spirit.”
Vpro Boken Gids (NL)

“In a time of skepticism and wariness between people, these stories remind us of the humanity which unites us all.”
Het Korte Verhaal (NL)

“Rishøi is a master of combining an inner monologue and striking dialogue. […] Winter Stories is a heartfelt, gripping collection of stories, where each one not only awakens solidarity with our fellow humans with disabilities, but simultaneously holds up a mirror to us: we try to make something of our lives regardless of our faults, but we are not alone in this, and to find a bit of warmth, we need each other.”
Tzum (NL)

“The paper-thin line between good and evil is what Rishøi describes incomparably. […] It is strangers small and hopeful victories, and unexpected kindness, that make these stories so likeable and touching. It is as if the author wants to say that they are surely there, the people who still have a heart and are willing to help others.”
Literair Nederland (NL)

“Grab this book, lock yourself inside, turn off all notifications and devices, maybe play some music in the background, and disappear into this author’s merciless world. You will come out broken.”
Bazarow (NL)

“Snow, misery, and yet, a ray of light.”
Het Parool (NL)

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