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6-Star Review for Alex Schulman’s Burn All My Letters in Denmark

Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten praises Alex Schulman’s novel Burn All My Letters in a six-star review:

“Out of all of Alex Schulman’s strong books, Burn All My Letters is the strongest one. What a love story! What a love tragedy! What a life drama! […] Burn All My Letters is a book of many genres, and it’s quite simply genius. It might seem worrisome to let the chapters vary between fiction, verbatim quotes from letters and diary entries, Alex Schulman’s own memories from the summers spent with his grandparents, and detailed insights into his own reflections and analysis, but it’s not. On the contrary. It increases the suspense and strengthens the empathy enormously […] Burn All My Letters is a phenomenally good book about a cursed family secret and the devastating poison that has trickled down through many generations.”

The Danish edition of Burn All My Letters is published by Lindhardt & Ringhof today, April 28th.

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