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A Line in the World Lauded in The New European

Dorthe Nors’s forthcoming essay collection A Line in the World has been lauded in UK newspaper The New European. Here is an excerpt:

“What stories are soaked into the soil, how has the land made the people into who they are and most of all why on earth has the author brought us here? These questions are more than answered by Dorthe Nors, an exceptional chronicler of the character, stories and sheer unashamed presence of the Jutland coast. /…/ Books like this are deeply personal, but many of them fall down by lapsing too easily into self-indulgence. Nors is too skilled a writed to be lured by the siren call of narcissism. She walks the path between herself and the landscape perfectly, bringing us into her confidence when appropriate rather buttonholing us like a bore at a people who left here to cross the sea. ‘They know loss, and they know that everything that is won can be forfeited again’, writes Nors in this deeply affecting book.”

A Line in the World was published in the UK by Pushkin Press on October 6th.

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