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A Line in the World Lauded in Washington Post

Dorthe Nors’s essay collection A Line in the World, which is published in the US by Graywolf Press today, has received a magnificent review from US newspaper Washington Post. Here is a brief excerpt from the lengthy review:

“Nors is one of Denmark’s best-known living writers. For this more personal endeavor, deftly translated by Caroline Waight, Nors turned to the landscape she grew up in, a place where she feels both connected and separate, where she can be as moody and expansive as the sea itself. […] Though these memorable historical tidbits are among the most visceral details in her work, A Line in the World is as much an appraisal of this troublingly beautiful landscape as it is an exploration of Nors’s identity. In her attempt to understand the shapeshifting Danish peninsula, combing over the history, traditions and myths of the region, she is making sense of this world and her place within it. Returning home with a renewed desire to leave forces that confrontation between childhood dreams and adult realities for Nors, who ultimately describes herself as ‘a movement pinned in one place.’ […] A Line in the World is, more pointedly, one of the first books to capture the unique region in English. In prose that is as sparse and quiet as the marshy Jutland peninsula itself, the book provides a snapshot of life in a location that is full of history and at the same time ever-shifting, its future uncertain.”

Click here to read the review in full.

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