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Bread and Milk Highlighted in Finnish Hufvudstadsbladet

The literary critics of Finnish daily newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet have chosen the best books of the year, and one of them is Karolina Ramqvist’s critically acclaimed memoir Bread and Milk:

“Not only does it take extraordinary literary virtuosity, but also wisdom and human warmth, to write about various foods so that they illuminate the whole of existence. Karolina Ramqvist succeeds: without ever having to resort to strained constructions, through a delicate detailed painting and an admirable honesty, she gives the kingdom of food a personal, life-shaping depth. She recounts from her adult perspective the story of a girl who experiences eating and the rituals surrounding it as exciting adventures, but who at the age of ten also realizes that her hunger cannot be stilled regardless of how much she spoons in. And when the relationship with food becomes a reflection of life in general, her eating disorders eventually take on a wider, more dramatic meaning in life. Ramqvist’s language is beautiful and supple – at the core simple – yet uniquely melodious. I was aware that she can write like that, with seamless shifts between different levels. But now I learned that she can make me grateful and touched just by illuminating small but life-sustaining substances like bread and milk. Her text is so fragile and yet so complete, so complex and at the same time deeply human.”

Bread and Milk was published in Sweden by Norstedts on March 9th.

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