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Danish Praise for Even if Everything Ends

The Danish edition of Jens Liljestrand’s Even if Everything Ends was published on May 25th, and is being praised by Danish critics. Here is an excerpt from an outstanding review in Jyllands Posten:

“It is intriguing, well-written and thought provoking (…) Swedish Jens Liljestrand’s novel is a candidate, in my eyes, to be a ‘vacation read’, and there are not many current titles that can carry that honor (…) The book has an impressive length -without being boring – and offers interesting characters, a relevant story, and captivating language (…) Even if Everything Ends is effective prose as it offers us characters that, on one hand, has the capability to be climate critical but on the other hand don’t act accordingly (…)  Liljestrand’s novel is quite suspenseful. There are a lot of twists and unexpected events, and different threads between the characters that the author weaves together. A motley quilt turns into a coherent narrative. Furthermore, it is a pleasure to see how Liljestrand succeeds in portraying how many different meanings the concept of ‘shame’ can hold. From climate shame to the deep shame over being human – not to mention the shame that clings to people that are unable to remain stable and understand their surroundings. Even if Everything Ends is relevant, a story for and about our time. Recommended.”

Even if Everything Ends was published in Denmark by Lindhardt og Ringhof


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