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Dorthe Nors Wins the Blixen Prize

Dorthe Nors has been awarded the prestigious Blixen Prize in the category “Book of the Year”, for A Line in the World.

The Blixen Prize is a Danish award named after writer Karin Blixen. The award celebrates the greatest literary achievements in Denmark, Danish publishing, and the development of the Danish language, be it conveyed in physical form, as an ebook, or audio book.In the jury’s motivation, they praised Dorthe’s essays thus:

“With an eye for detail, humor, and poetry, Dorthe Nors captures part of the coastal people’s soul through her own memories, and passes it on to the rest of us, so that we can feel for ourselves how it relates to us.”

Dorthe won the award together with photographer Henrik Saxgren, as the original version of A Line in the World contains his photographs from the Danish western coastline. The book was published by Gads Forlag in May 2021, and a text only version where Dorthe’s essays are accompanied by illustrations from Signe Parkins will be published early 2023. The award was presented to Dorthe at a Gala night in Copenhagen on Saturday evening.

Foto: Lasse Lagoni

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