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Dutch Praise for Jonas Eika

The Dutch edition of Jonas Eika’s critically acclaimed short story collection After the Sun has received a fantastic review from Dutch newspaper De Groene. Here’s an excerpt:

“Eika writes without restraint: a bit of psychological wrenching, no strained prose down to the last inch, but stories that go fast and end up at a completely different point than where they begin. […] At times even ‘alienating’ feels like too calm of an adjective, the prose is dream-like, trippy. At the right moments, this is precisely what gives Eika’s work its flavor: there is life in these stories, they are daring and full of tension […]. It is precisely this ephemerality that makes the story captivating – it is simultaneously smart and incomprehensible, accessible and distant, light-hearted and heavy. […] It’s amazing how fearlessly and ambitiously Eika tackles their subjects, how intriguing their full stories sometimes become.”

After the Sun was published in the Netherlands by Koppernik on February 22nd, 2024.



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