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Rave review for Euphoria from Swedish Kulturnytt i P1

Euphoria by Elin Cullhed has received another rave review, this time from the Swedish radio program Kulturnytt i P1.

“The book has a lingual awareness and integrity that skillfully avoids any amateur psychologizing (…) Sylvia Plath is depicted as realistic and complex: annoying, charming, brilliant, superficial, deep. And with an unmistakable talent for euphoria – enigmatically, until the very end. Cullhed positions herself close to Plath’s language as it appears in letters, journals, and poems without veering into pastiche. It feels more like an honest attempt at a linguistic portrait, rather than a depiction of what is said to have happened. And that is, of course, worthy of respect.”

Euphoria was published in Sweden on March 1st by Wahlström & Widstrand.

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