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Even if Everything Ends Lauded in La Lettura

The esteemed Italian literary magazine La Lettura just published a fantastic review by Alessio Torino for Jens Liljestrand’s Even if Everything Ends. Here is an excerpt:

“The four main stories about Didrik, Melissa, André and Vilja, in a choir of well-constructed mutual references, composes a mosaic where one dominant figure is brought to life: the climate crisis. The climate crisis is not only scrutinized as a consequence of the ruthless actions of humans. The catastrophe is rather related to their inability to act with dignity, to help each other.”

La Lettura is an extension of Italy’s biggest newspaper Il Corriere della Sera. An excerpt of the first few pages of Even if Everything Ends was published alongside the review.

 Even if Everything Ends was published today, July 12th, by Mondadori.

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