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Even if Everything Ends lauded in review from ETC Magazine

Jens Liljestrand’s Even if Everything Ends was lauded in this review from ETC Magazine.

Even if Everything Ends is a page turner. You’re hunted through scorching heat, through soot flakes, through the pathetic remains of the castle in the sky that was once the society in which we lived. Take out, lattes, motor boats, stupidity. (…) Jens Liljestrand strikes where it hurts the most, in the middle of the repressed fear that everything will soon be over. He skillfully captures all defense mechanisms, all idiotic arguments, all double agendas, that we live by in order to make it through yet another day of the rampant destruction of our living conditions. It’s frightening, this novel with a mission that still succeeds in carrying its message as literature all the way to the finish line.”

Even if Everything Ends was published in Sweden by Albert Bonniers Förlag on September 17th.

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