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Even if Everything Ends in Rave Review from Kultunews

Jens Liljestrand’s novel Even if Everything Ends has received a rave review from German cultural magazine Kultunews:

“As thrilling and contemporary as Jens Liljestrand’s accounts on the impending catastrophe are, the masterstroke of the author, cultural journalist and literary critic lies, above all, in the choice of his antiheroes. Their selfish and phony revelations function as a magnifying glass for the issues we will face in a very near future. Liljestrand succeeds, with sensitive psychograms, in making the attitudes of Didrik, André, Vilja and Melissa comprehensible. They are a reminder of the empathy that is so urgently needed to face climate change together.”

Even if Everything Ends was published in Germany by Fischer Verlag on July 27th.

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