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Jonas Eika in Rave Review from Tzum

The Dutch edition of After the Sun, Jonas Eika’s highly praised short story collection, has received a rave review from Tzum:

“There is something in the Danish water. It tastes sweet and sick and smells like money and death. It is anarchist, anti-capitalist, and concerned about the end of the world as we know it. It is queer, fluid, and amorphous and cannot be trapped in boxes or structures. […]. In After the Sun, we are presented with four vignettes from a near future. Every vignette highlights a different segment of this deteriorating world. While we are in the opening story Alvin still mocking the ruling financial class, we do in Rory, Aurora and I find ourselves among the drug-addicted rabble trying to make ends meet. Further, the man, with his desire for recognition and affection, is always put up against the system that denies him these things and is only interested in maximizing profit. […] It also becomes interesting when the perspective suddenly turns to one of the tourists and a power play arises between the oppressor and the oppressed.”

After the Sun was published in the Netherlands by Koppernik on February 22nd, 2024.


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