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Jonas Eika Reviewed in Libération

Jonas Eika’s critically acclaimed short story collection After the Sun has been praised by Libération in an absolutely fantastic review:

“Computer chips, clones, UFO:s, synthetic drugs, bizarre cults and ceremonies, déjà vu, trips and trips, body horror, oiled tourists and beach boys at your service… There is some Cronenberg (father and son) to this collection by a young Danish author (born in 1991) where the short stories seem to blend into each other and where we sleepwalk from Copenhagen to Cancün, passing through Nevada. […] Because how can we still write stories that hold in a world burned by capitalism, dehumanization, digitalization? By taking advantage of the last rays while searching for other lights: ‘We make the best of what exists’.”

The French edition of After the Sun was published by Gallimard on February 8th, 2024.


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