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Karolina Ramqvist Winner of the Aniara Prize

Karolina Ramqvist has been awarded the Aniara Prize for her critically acclaimed book Bread and Milk.

The motivation reads as follows:

“You cannot descend into the same river twice. You cannot give your child what you yourself once received. We each have a river to descend into and the Madeleine cookie cannot be shared. With Bread and Milk, Karolina Ramqvist takes a new direction in her rich authorship. Through food, she meets her family history and herself in distinctly sensual prose. The novel smells, tastes, and feels. It devours the reader, and the reader devours the text – with pleasure. At the same time, careful reflection is required when the author remembers her childhood’s vulnerability where food became a security in an adult world difficult to interpret. Bread and Milk is a deeply personal and beautiful book about food, memory, and life.”

The Aniara Prize was founded in 1974 by the Swedish Library Association and celebrates the best Swedish fiction for adults. The prize will be given at an award ceremony in November.


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