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Liljestrand Lauded in Le Monde

Even if Everything Ends was lauded by the prestigious daily newspaper Le Monde upon its French publication. Here is an excerpt from the review:

“Liljestrand’s feverish, oftentimes elliptic writing, combined with a fragmented composition, distinguished by its leaps through time and space, results in the effect of a gigantic collage of moments in time. A zig-zag construction which skillfully accentuates the impressions of the apocalypse (…). By the end of the novel everyone – including the reader – will have travelled through the great gap dividing our theoretical knowledge on a subject from our ability to feel it in the flesh. Everyone will have met the suspense sprung from moments when our actions deviate from our good intentions. (…) It is this fever of Jens Liljestrand that creates an object of literature.”

Even if Everything Ends was published in France by Autrement on August 24th .


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