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Love Hack Reviewed by Göteborgs Posten

Isabel Nylund’s debut novel Love Hack has received a fantastic review from Swedish newspaper Göteborgs Posten:

“Julia becomes increasingly obsessed with Mahir and by the time she realizes she is in love, it is already too late. The fact that he is busy and only wants her carnally reinforces her infatuation, and she increasingly neglects her marriage to Niko. This is where the novel burns the most, in the description of Julia’s unhappy love. Of the madness that can only befall those who, high on oxytocin, are no longer capable of rational thought. When Julia begins to despise Niko for not being Mahir, and spends much of her waking hours stalking Mahir’s girlfriend on social media, she appears human, fallible.”

Love Hack was published in Sweden by Albert Bonniers Förlag on April 28th.


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