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Lydia Sandgren Hosts Renowned Swedish Radio Program

Today, Sommar i P1 aired the episode that Lydia Sandgren hosts, an assignment that is the pinnacle of national recognition.

In her episode, Lydia discusses her ongoing educational journey; from being a child and going to the library in her small hometown with her grandmother, attending music school and later on university, to being an adult and working as a psychologist and setting her alarm clock an hour early to write before work. Further, she talks about how painful it can be to write, but also how writing makes her feel fully alive. She also discusses that she often gets asked the question how one follows up such a massive success as Collected Works, to which she responds, ‘by setting the alarm early […] and writing for an hour before work.’

Lydia’s episode has received great reviews, one of which is from Göteborgs Posten. Here is an excerpt:

“For me, the concept of being ’educated’ has always been associated with slumping sofas, books that make you sneeze when opening them, people without humor and black and white films that I am too stupid to understand. Lydia Sandgren makes me reevaluate the idea completely. I realize that becoming educates is about taking things seriously. In an age characterized by irony and debate, where few things are constant, that very same thought feels refreshingly old-fashioned.”

Listen to her episode here.

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