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Malma Station in Fantastic Review from Norwegian Daily Dagbladet

Alex Schulman’s critically acclaimed novel Malma Station has received an absolutely fantastic review from major Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet:

“Few male authors manage to portray women as well as they portray men, as Schulman does. Few are able to spin such an intricate web as he does in Malma Station, unraveling the threads in the right order and at the right pace to keep the reader’s emotions dynamic from start to finish. Words and sentences that are unclear to the characters in the story become startlingly clear to the reader, because the reader is given access to bits of the story that the characters don’t know. My heart races, I get shortness of breath and chills down my spine. Occasionally, a small laugh escapes me because of an episode that begins tragicomically but quickly ends in pure tragedy. […]  The slow yet deeply intense story of the lives of Harriet, Oskar and Yana is one of the most painful I have ever read. The conflicts in the story and the outcome of the conflicts are like nothing else. ‘Childhood is an inexplicable installation, like a modern work of art’, Oskar thinks. At least it is when an author of Schulman’s caliber writes about it, and let me emphasize work of art.”

Malma Station was published in Norway by Gylendal on April 25th.

Schulman_ Malma stasjon

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