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Malma Station Receives Rave Review from Dagens Nyheter

Malma Station, Alex Schulman’s latest novel, has received a rave review from Swedish daily newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

Here is an excerpt:

“At times during the reading of Malma Station I am completely stunned inside by how merciless a child’s marginalization can be. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic event per se […] it can be enough with a fleeting, seemingly innocent comment, whose unfathomable consequence Schulman depicts with his essential, clean prose in a way that sends shivers down the spine. This is also how Alex Schulman consistently works: with small means. […] Everything in Malma Station appears so well thought out, […] the smallest detail worked out in advance. There is no way out of Schulman’s meticulous novel-building, I am heading towards Malma station as inescapably as everyone else in this book. But this confinement, the one that makes me want to open a window or even pull the emergency brake, essentially underlines how skillful Schulman is at putting his reader in a state like that of the novel cast.”

Malma Station was published on August 26th by Albert Bonnier.


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