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New Book: The Borrower

Bestselling author Camilla Grebe and Carl-David Pärson’s debut novel The Borrower is out today.

After having lost their eldest daughter in an accident, Marika and Leo escape with their now only child Bisse to an idyllic cottage outside the sleepy town of Sundby. Apart from the peculiar neighbors Greta and Max, who mostly keep to themselves, the quaint area surrounded by forests and lakes is precisely what they need to start over.

Alba is a young police officer who has been relocated from Stockholm to Sundby to sit off her days at a cold case unit led by the eccentric oddball Tore. When she starts investigating a cold case disappearance in the area with connections to her own past as well as the cottage Marika and Leo are renting, Alba and Marika’s stories become eerily intertwined.

The Borrower is a dark and pacy psychological thriller about grief, the urge to recreate what has been lost, and about the cracks in reality that seek answers in the unknown. Twisty, thrilling and wholly unexpected, Camilla Grebe and Carl-David Pärson have created a story that opens the door to our darkest nightmares.

The Borrower was published in Sweden by Wahlström & Widstrand on June 12th.


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