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New Book: The Deeper You Go

The Deeper You Gothe highly anticipated third installment of Tove Alsterdal‘s bestselling High Coast Series, is out today and it has already received a first, rave review from Tidningen Ångermanland:

“The small and the big world are so skillfully combined by Tove Alsterdal. It is also impressive how she moves between different milieus with such ease; she seems as familiar with Sundsvall as she does with Stockholm, Florida, and California. But it is the love for Ådalen that shines the brightest, and in The Deeper You Go it is primarily a kind of mental environmental depiction of Kramfors and its surrounding areas that dominates. […] Alsterdal also ties together people and events from the two previous parts of the trilogy, not just dutifully, but in a way that adds substance to the story. It is very skillfully done. You should never underestimate a solid literary craftsmanship. Tove Alsterdal has written a thrilling and entertaining crime novel, a real page-turner. But it is so much more than that. It is as much a reflection on the passing of time, on how the past and the present are connected, of how history affects those who live today. Not bad for a crime novel.”

The Deeper You Go is published by Lind & Co.


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