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New Book: The Living and the Dead

After the success with Blaze Me a Sun, bestselling author Christoffer Carlsson returns with a new novel: The Living and the Dead.

It’s the end of the 1990’s and a group of boys are about to take the leap into adulthood. But then something happens, and one of them decides to leave, another is found beaten to death and soon another loses his life. The police, who are trying to understand how everything is connected, keep returning to two names: Sander Eriksson and Killian Persson. One hot day in July, more than twenty years later, another murder takes place, and once again it has become dangerous out there in Skavböke. The gate between the living and the dead has been opened.

The Living and the Dead is a gracefully crafted literary crime novel that explores the intricacies of guilt and mercy. Renowned author and criminologist Christoffer Carlsson creates a riveting drama that delves deep into the themes of departure, desperation and self-deceit. In this atmospheric story, Carlsson weaves a complex narrative that transports the reader into a world where the past and the present collide, and where the portal between the living and the dead is wide open.

The Living and the Dead is published today, April 21st by Albert Bonniers Förlag.


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