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New Book: The Trembling Grass

The Trembling Grass, the highly anticipated fourth installment of Johanna Mo’s bestselling Island Murders Series featuring Hanna Duncker and Erik Lindgren, has just been published.

In yet another thrilling novel, Hanna and her partner Officer Erik Lindgren are called to Borgholm on Öland to investigate a suspicious death: 79-year-old Vidar, who has just been found dead in his apartment. At first Hanna and Erik disagree as to whether it’s a murder or a suicide, and when they start questioning neighbors, they find they are hesitant to talk. With the help of Ingrid, who has a romantic history with the victim, the two officers try to untangle Vidar’s motley past.

While Hanna toils to solve the case, there’s something else calling for her attention. Her rogue investigation into the arson and murder case her own father was convicted of 17 years previously has finally born fruit and, after the discovery of new evidence, a retrial is now ongoing.

While Hanna is torn between the trial and juggling a complex murder investigation, she once again begins to receive threatening messages, and someone seems to be following her. As the trial comes to a close, the threats escalate and those near to Hanna are at risk of being caught in the crossfire. Will she be able to stop whoever is after her in time and will the truth about what really happened 17 years ago finally be brought into the light?

The Trembling Grass was published in Sweden by Romanus & Selling on June 12th.


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