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New Book: The Way We Played

Bestselling writer Ninni Schulman, master of slow-building suspense and delicately wrought characters, takes readers back to the 1980’s in this first installment of a new crime series.

On a sweltering hot summer’s day, ex-police officer Ingrid Wolt is released from prison and is forced to start a new life in the small rural town of Våmhus. As she struggles to find a job, she decides to become a private investigator and is hired by the mother of a missing twelve-year-old boy. Mattias is believed to have drowned, but his body was never found, and his mother is certain the police are wrong.

Equal parts suspenseful whodunnit and poignant coming-of-age story, The Way We Played looks deep into the heart of loss while also laying bare the fateful ripple effects of the decisions we make to save the ones we love.

The Way We Played will be published by Bazar tomorrow, January 10th.

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