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New Book: Vow of Silence

International bestselling author Mattias Edvardsson returns in a thrilling new psychological suspense novel: Vow of Silence.

Jari Kekkonen loves to win and has his brand-new Mercedes, a beautiful family, and an elegant villa on the nice side of town to show for it. Sasho Palevski on the other hand, with his humble working-class roots and immigrant parents, was an infamous troublemaker when he was young. As an adult it has proven difficult to shake the reputation. Trelleborg is a small town where everyone knows everything, and the past is never forgotten. When Jari’s daughter, Amanda, and Sasho’s son, Niko, become a couple, the two worlds collide.

When Amanda is found dead, shot in the middle of the night on a pier in the dark Baltic Sea, Niko becomes the prime suspect. But are things really as they seem? Has Nico inherited his father’s violent tendencies, or is the young man innocently accused? And why does he refuse to say anything to the police? Niko claims to have made a vow of silence – but to whom? As the story unfolds, we learn there are sinister forces lurking in plain sight…

Vow of Silence is a smart, unexpected page turner that shows us how little we truly know about the inner lives of those closest to us. Master of the domestic thriller Mattias Edvardsson returns with this elegant story of young love – and what it can make you do.

Vow of Silence was just published in Sweden by Forum Bokförlag.


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