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Nicolas Lunabba Awarded Göran Tunhammar’s Fund’s Prize 2023

Nicolas Lunabba has been awarded Göran Tunhammar’s fund’s prize 2023 for promotion of entrepreneurship, openness and diversity by the Herbert Felix Institute.

The jury’s motivation reads as follows:

“Through his important work with Helamalmö, and as an author and debater, Nicolas Lunabba has turned the debate about street violence and exclusion from abstract problematization to finding actual solutions and creating safe spaces for young people in Malmö’s underprivileged areas. Therefore, Nicolas Lunabba is awarded the prize from Göran Tunhammar’s fund for the promotion of entrepreneurship, openness and diversity 2023.”

The Herbert Felix Institute was founded in 2006 and their work centers around migration, entrepreneurship and development. The institute is the trustee of the Göran Tunhammar’s fund.



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