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Nicolas Lunabba Will be Awarded the Stig Sjödin Award

Nicolas Lunabba is this year’s recipient of the Stig Sjödin award, granted annually in memory of the Swedish poet Stig Sjödin.

The jury’s motivation reads as follows:

“To an authorship that allows us to follow a journey which touches both a position of societal critique, as well as personal development. Lunabba clearly highlights that we as a society are failing the adolescents who are at risk of falling in on a criminal path. At the same time, he explains what happens to you as a person when you draw personal conclusions on what can be done. And he does this with a vivid language and draws us with him. We can absolutely feel and share his rage.”

The award will be granted to Lunabba during a ceremony on October 5th, during which he will receive a prize of 50.000 SEK.


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