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One More Life in Rave Review from Svenska Dagbladet

Åsa Avdic’s latest novel One More Life has received a rave review from Swedish major newspaper Svenska Dagbladet:

“It is written with the kind of lightly humorous distance that the wording suggests, by an author who holds the strings, pulls them gently, and watches the characters squirm – all the time in full control and with a kindly indulgence of their wriggling attempts to take their lives into their own hands […]. Along the way, Avdic can deliver lessons in the early 20th century spiritualist movement and its close intertwining with the technological innovations that dominated the era, fascinating facts about the importance of Henry Ford and Thomas Edison to it, for example. She’s also able to add saltiness and coolness to Ruth’s version of what happens during the two years when she and Bradford work together, become lovers and move further and further away from the norm in their research. This makes One More Life a dancingly easy read, although the sequence of events in which Thomas Bradford, after the death of his young daughter, becomes obsessed with reaching the spirits and is prepared to put himself in any danger, leads straight into darkness. […] It is a captivating read with a crawlingly eerie resolution, skillfully evoked by Åsa Avdic’s balancing act between closeness and distance.”

One More Life was published in Sweden by Albert Bonniers Förlag on August 18th.

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