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Rave Review for Karolina Ramqvist’s Bread and Milk in Finland

Hufvudstadsbladet’s critic is captivated by Karolina Ramqvist’s fascinating world, “… a book so full of wisdom and warmth […] that I am both grateful and moved.”

“Bread and Milk could be called a novel, an essay or autobiographical depiction – the genre designation plays a minor role. More importantly for me is that it is a book I read with a kind of sanctity, a little at a time, so as not to miss anything. The text feels so fragile and yet so complete, so complex and deeply universal. /… / Ramqvist’s language is so effortless and beautiful, fundamentally so simple and stripped down but so enjoyable, that there are times when I think she could write about absolutely anything as long as I can just sink into the seamless movement forward.”

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