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Rave Reviews for Lunabba’s Memoir

Nicolas Lunabba’s blazingly topical memoir Will You Care if I Die? has received rave reviews from some of Sweden’s largest newspapers:

”Everyone needs to read Nicolas Lunabba’s Will You Care if I Die?. Everyone. /…/ You become happily immersed by the fine-grained portrayal. But it is also a testimony written in despair. And a well-articulated accusation against Malmö, Sweden and the political situation. /…/ In (Nicolas Lunabba’s) book, everything finally becomes real. The social reality pours in. What a relief.”

”I feel bad for the authors who have books coming out at the same time as Nicolas Lunabba. Because from now on everything will be about Will You Care if I Die?.”

”One of the most important books of the year! An unusually well-written, but above all touching, memoir. /…/ Here the words weigh heavy. So read – instead of listening to politicians fish for votes.”
Norra Skånes Tidningar

Will You Care if I Die? was published by Natur & Kultur on August 19th.

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