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The Sins of our Fathers among DN’s Must-Reads

Dagens Nyheter has listed the 24 books to read this summer one of which is Åsa Larsson’s The Sins of Our Fathers. Here is what they had to say about it:

“Some thrillers are mostly about crime, but Åsa Larsson’s books are novels about human errors. Ragnhild is lonely, Börje the boxer has failed, and forensic pathologist Lars Pohjanen is dying, and chamber prosecutor Rebecka Martinsson is mostly just pissed off. It was the thriller of the year last year, according to the Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction and almost everyone else. It is the 6th and last installation of Åsa Larsson’s Kiruna Series and is as usual a loving tangled mess of shame and guilt in the world’s most beautiful setting. And about the dogs as well of course, they who express everything that humans can’t.”

The Sins of Our Fathers was published in Sweden on September 17th 2022 by Albert Bonnier.

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