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The Sins of Our Fathers praised in review from Norrländska Socialdemokraten

Åsa Larsson’s latest book The Sins of Our Fathers received magnificent praise in this review from Norrländska Socialdemokraten.

“‘When Ragnhild Pekkari decided to die, life became a little easier to live’, is the first sentence in this 550-page thick novel. Wow, without any other comparison it’s basically as good as the start of Kafka’s The Trial. […] Åsa Larsson’s writing is propulsive, and her language is among the very best in the Swedish suspense genre. She has the ability to give her characters life and make them feel authentic and far from one-sided, be it villain or police, because they ‘have all been little once’.”

The Sins of Our Fathers was published in Sweden by Albert Bonniers förlag on September 17th.

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