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The Survivors in review from Der Spiegel

Alex Schulman’s bestseller The Survivors was praised in this review from German Der Spiegel.

“Well-constructed and precisely told. […] That this #1 bestseller from Sweden now is being published by publishing houses in 31 countries is excellent. Schulman smashes the Bullerby idyll of a Swedish summer very subtly in the beginning – and in the end with full force. He handles his protagonists with empathy at all times, even the cold and sometimes mean mother is never exposed but shown as a victim of her own inability. Delicately and with precise style Schulman portrays what happens to children who are defenseless against their parents and this world. And how the absence of love creates a black hole that grows until it devours everything.”

The Survivors was published in Germany by DTV on August 20th.

German cover

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