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The Survivors Wins French Award

Alex Schulman has been awarded the Jean Monnet Des Jeunes Européennes Award for The Survivors. The motivation reads as follows:

”The alternation between past and present enriches the story in such a way that it has a circular rhythm, taking the reader along in a waltz. We find three time periods: the past – the characters are driven apart by the drama; the present – the brothers are compelled to communicate with each other and to confront their grief; and the resolution – they are brought together when the electrical tension decreases. Moreover, because of the diversity of the characters, every reader can identify with one of them. The book is an ode to resilience, as the characters manage to rid themselves of their demons, despite the difficulties. It also shows a different vision of the family, breaking free from the norms we know. The ending is unexpected, but in line with the tension created throughout the plot. We are really moved by the universe you have created, by your characters, and your words. Thank you.”

The award was established in 2006 and each year high school students are given the opportunity to vote for their favorite European novel that has been translated into French.

The Survivors was published in France by Albin Michel on January 5th.

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