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The Unburied in Rave Review from Gefle Dagblad

The Unburied, Ulrika Rolfsdotter’s second installment of the Annie Ljung series, was praised in this recent review from Swedish daily newspaper Gefle Dagblad:

“Or one can do as Ulrika Rolfsdotter and with small nuances create a character that adds something new but still remains with both feet firmly planted in the plausible. Like the choice of letting a social worker stumble into murder investigations. […] The folklore gives color to the Annie Ljung crime novels, but it remains just that – a splash of color – and the supernatural never threatens to overshadow credibility. […] I usually dislike when the crime genre becomes too exploitative, but Ulrika’s own background as a social worker keeps her at a respectful distance from both the goriest of crime scenes as well as the traumas of her characters. The crime genre may derail into a contest of cheap thrills, but it is not a race Ulrika Rolfsdotter participates in. In The Unburied, Annie Ljung evolves as a character and the reader gains a greater understanding for her. To keep the murder mysteries from being too detached it is wise to give the police Sara Emilsson some room and the duo’s cooperation will probably  get even closes as the series progress. […] What most urges me to return to Ulrika Rolfsdotter’s world of crime in the second novel is not Annie, however, but the milieu in Ådalen which she so beautifully brings to life.”

The Unburied was published by Bazar Förlag on September 28th.


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