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The Wolf in excellent review from Randaberg 24

White as Snow, the new book from Samuel Bjørk about Mia & Munch has gotten an excellent review by Norwegian daily newspaper Randaberg 24.

“Samuel Bjørk has been one of my favourite Norwegian crime writers ever since his debut in 2013 with I’m Traveling Alone. With White as Snow, he won’t make anyone disappointed, as the first installment of a new series this seems as promising as the series he started in 2013 and finished in 2018 with The Boy in the Headlights. Bjørk once again delivers tight, dense, and thrilling suspense in a fashion mastered by few Norwegian writers. Over nearly 500 pages he shakes the readers to the core and makes them feel as if they’re on a roller coaster. The Wolf is a magnificent crime novel, and one of those rare all-consuming reads. […] In White as Snow, Bjørk offers an ice-cold atmosphere which keeps his readers on edge until the very last page. I am in awe of his storytelling, and I take my hat off. I am already excited for the next book in the series. May it come swiftly.”

Randaberg 24, 5/6 Stars

White as Snow was published in Norway by Cappelen Damm in October, 2021.

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